…Website Credits …

Branding, Website Design and Art Direction: Raili Kuoppamäki
Thank you, dear Raili, for such an exquisite and fun journey
of brand alignment and website design.
You have sensed so precisely what is really important to me.
I enjoyed every moment working with you on this project
that is so important to me.

You always bring so many stylish ideas to fulfill my wildest dreams and have given this website
an excellent finish, that I absolutely love.

Fotografie: Lukas Elbers, Raili Kuoppamäki, Tim Jeavon
All of you are so special and unique at capturing the moment and the energy of what I wanted to be captured in my photos.
You are very talented photographers, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who would like to translate their energy, heart and soul into an image.
Thank You for working together with me.

Entwicklung: Benno Schamberger und Lukas Elbers
You are just amazing.
So fast, helpful, professional and accommodating developers with a great heart and calmness.
Always great at explaining everything to me that I don´t understand.

So Important Background Support: Guido Brock
Thank you, dear Guido, for helping me with so many questions
that I never would have known to have them before.
You are always on my side and I appreciate it so much.

Thank You All so Much ...
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