1 : 1 Healing & Mentoring

Do You want to start healing and learn how to surf every wave of life? 

Asking for support does not mean that You are weak,

it means that You are ready ...

We'll discover and
dissolve Your blockages,

so that You can enjoy Your life
in strength and liberation.
Do You want to
finally live Your full potential?
I am honoured, to be a part of
Your journey.
Through Your Mentoring program
You will learn more
about Yourself

and Your true abilities.

Healing & Mentoring

This combination of energy work through BodyResonanceTherapy combined with the supporting and accelerating intuitive mentoring has proven to be immensely powerful in the past of my over 20 years of healing work.
Through exercises that I will 'download' especially for You, You can integrate the healing more quickly into everyday life and thus let go of old patterns.
Old habits are very powerful and need to be replaced by an even more powerful one.
You literally rewrite your DNA during the program.

Where do I start today, when I know
that I want to grow?

Feedback on 1:1 Healing & Mentoring

You decide,
how You want to
live Your life.



In a healing session we release blockages in Your energetic system
that do no longer serve You.
The session is relaxing, soothing and harmonizing, both on site and over long distances in a remote treatment.
On an energetic level, neither time nor distance exist.

My 4 week offers for
1:1 Healing & Mentoring


On My Way

2 Healing -Sessions

4 Mentoring – Sessions

personalized exercises
for Your growth

Dive Deep

4 Healing – Sessions

8 Mentoring – Sessions

personalized exercises
for Your growth

Ride The Wave

up to 8 Healing – Sessions

8 Mentoring – Sessions

Voxer – Support
in between Your mentorings

personalized exercises
for Your growth

To book one of the modules, please reserve an appointment for Your free consultation
During our conversation we will find out which of the offers meets Your needs,
so You can book Your perfect fit.

You're on the right path, if You know that you want to change something, but don't know how ...

That's what I'm here for.
Very quickly I recognize why and where things are stuck,
which energy is stuck and what is needed to let go of exactly that and get back to Your true potential.

To get Your energies back into flow,
I provide You
the effective concept of energy work
and intuitive leadership coaching

as an accompaniment.

I exclusively work with people
who have a burning desire to express their fullest potential
and are willing to take necessary steps in order to get there.
What is really important to You?

It is my pleasure and honour to support You

to reach Your next level of health, contentment, serenity or whatever is really important to You.

Manifest ...
Your life in higher

What is Your purpose
in life
and what is Your legacy
to the world ?

Do You want to reconnect with Your ancient power?

Do You already trust that You can take over the leadership of Your life and stand in Your own responsibility
while at the same time entrusting Yourself to the guidance of life & Your existence?

These two aspects combined I experience as immensely powerful for myself as well as for my clients.

The wound is the place
where the light enters You.
- Rumi

Disclaimer/ Important notice:

I expressly point out that participation in an offer of my healing space in no way replaces a visit to the doctor, medical, psychotherapeutic or other curative treatment and diagnostic activity.

Prescribed medication may under no circumstances be discontinued or taken differently than prescribed without consultation with the attending physician.

It is not the practice of medicine in the sense of the legal regulations.

I do not make any promises of healing.

Leave a sparkle...
wherever You go.

Booking options for
Your 1:1 Healing & Mentoring

On my way

Healing & Mentoring

1111 €

Dive Deep

Healing & Mentoring

2222 €

Ride the wave

Healing Sessions + Voxer Support

5555 €

Book Your Free
Clarity Call

The topics that individuals carry with them
are as unique as a human fingerprint.
In a consultation, together we will clarify which of the modules suits You best, considering Your personal needs.

The booking will take place following our call.
Book Your 15-minute appointment with me now, by selecting a time slot in the calendar.

I am so glad
to meet You.

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