Do You want to be supported in Your individual growth,
while finding strength in a powerful group?

Are You ready for a quantum leap in Your life?

Are you a visionary who knows that so much more is possible in your life...?

Do You want to unleash Your full potential
in order to create
what You can already see
deep inside Your heart?

You were born to be happy, satisfied and successful ...
through what You really love.

And by the way ...

You are so much more than the conditioning and all of those programs which You have encountered through Your environment.

When women have money, they are going to change the world.

Female empowerment is about encouraging women
to lead and take control over their lives
while supporting other women to do the same.


Know Your worth
Make Your own decisions from Your heart , no matter what others say.
Use all opportunities and resources, such as free access to education.
Take responsibility - recognize that You are in charge of Your own life.
Realize the impact You have on Your life, the lives of others
and therefore also on social change and expand it in love.

Mastermind Topics

We'll focus on various topics, such as

  • Relationship
  • Business
  • Intuition
  • Spirituality

However, You can always reach out with any issues,
any topic that deeply concerns You will be dealt with, so that Your growth can take place on all levels.


This is for You ... if there is any area in Your life, where You need a helping hand in order to move forward.

Details about Your Mastermind



Q & A’s
in Zoom

& Voxer* (Walkie-Talkie App) 



Focus is on
Female Leadership

Growth in all areas,
private and/or professional


Group Size

10 participants

* In the Voxer app, You can instantly hear live voice messages anytime, anywhere, which means the other person can hear You while You're talking, or join in shortly after and listen to the message with only a slight delay. Your message is also recorded, so you can listen to it again and again later (if necessary ;-) ). Another wonderful feature is the "star function", which allows You to save the messages that are most important to You separately - like the essence. You can also send messages and photos here. I think now You understand why I love this app so much ;-) 😉

I love to see people grow beyond themselves, right into their true potential.

This is Your
safe space

I have experienced mastermind groups as extremely powerful in the past
and that's exactly why I offer them.
Even when at times I thought the topics of other participants
had nothing to do with me... it turned out I was wrong.

The safe space and setting of the group creates a foundation on which
Your new ideas can start growing like a beautiful plant ...

  • Where You are able to develop Your new way of being ...
  • protected and guided wherever You need it ...
  • strenghtened through the power of Your group ...
until You can take Your vigorous plant,
step out into Your sometimes rougher environment ...

and show up to the world.

Do I want to grow within a group ... ?

Yes !

... and why?

  • because 1 and 1 are always more than 2
  • because it is so good to grow with like-minded people
  • because it is encouraging to know, that You are being supported
  • because You are also growing and progressing through questions from other participants
  • also ... You can find wonderful closeness and friends for life
  • You can experience unity instead of being a lone warrior
  • You create momentum together
  • being together will motivate You enormously
  • ...and widen Your horizon for other perspectives

I am honored
to be supporting You and
Your Magic-Team.

This program is for You,
if You want to leave
Your " Old Self" behind and grow beyond Yourself
to experience so much more
freedom and joy.


a match for me?

If You are wondering
whether a MasterMind group is right for Your current situation,
please feel free to contact me
for a free consultation.

Sometimes You don't have the courage yet
to share Your deepest wishes and visions
with the people around You.

And yet it is so important to talk about Your desires.

In Your supportive MasterMind group,
You have the opportunity to do so, because everybody wants to grow beyond themselves.
Just like You.

Leave a sparkle ...
wherever You go.

Book Your MasterMind Experience:


444 €

Book Your Free
Clarity Call

Issues that bring people here are as diverse as we humans ourselves.
In Your clarity call we will figure out whether in Your current situation a
MasterMind group or an 1 : 1 Healing & Mentoring Programm is most helpful for You.
The booking takes place directly after our conversation.

Book Your free 15-minute appointment now, without obligations!

I am so glad
to meet You.

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