What in you
wants to heal ?

You can rely on my work to support you in that process.

Awaken Your POWER

... and leave a sparkle
wherever You go.

first of all
begins within ourselves

To experience full power

it requires inner healing and a YES to ourselves and our purpose.

It is my passion to remind people how powerful they are and to support them on their path.

So let's together realize Your full potential so You will leave Your unique footprint and bring to the world what You came here for.

Do You desire peace? Frieden ?
Frieden in Dir und in der Welt
Bist Du bereit für the greatest gift that You can give to Yourself?

The Mastermind Program is just right for You
if You would love to get support in leaving old patterns behind
and to grow
beyond Yourself..

To get your energies back into flow and focus
I am offering you Healing & Mentoring 60 min 
a combination of energetic work
and intuitive leadership coaching
at your fingertips.

I am so much looking forward to supporting you in this.

to the Tribe !

Love, Claudia

Do You want to
finally live Your full potential?
I am honoured, to be a part of
Your journey.
Through these seminars
You'll learn more
about Yourself
and Your true abilities.
Through gathering
in community
we create a space
of healing.

Global Healing Meditation

So many people are feeling powerless when confronted with global challenges.

We can change the world significantly when we connect with each other.

Therefore these meditations are an offer.

I am very happy about you being part of it.

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Global Healing Meditation

This meditation is very important to me, as so many clients are experiencing hopelessness
facing the current global challenges.
When we connect to each other, we can
create a huge impact in this world.

I'd be beyond happy if You want join us in this meditation.
Thank You from the bottom of my heart !

Clients about Claudia

Reconnect with Your deepest source of power

For Your Inspiration ...

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It is Your path.
Some may share the journey
but no one can
walk for You.

Your Healing-Meditation

Hier hast Du die Möglichkeit
 eine speziell für Dich und 
Deine aktuellen Themen 
empfangene Heil-Meditation zu bekommen.

For Your Inspiration ...

My podcasts hold lots of inspiration and techniques for You, as well as interviews with wonderful people ...
Created to encourage You to embark on Your personal journey.

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Podcast episodes
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My religion
is love,
Every heart my temple.

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