Do You want to help people in letting go
of what no longer serves them?

You are the miracle,
that You've been waiting for.

Sometimes we don't understand
why we react in a certain way.

Quite simply,
like in a drawer we store 'old stuff',
which already
overstrained previous generations.
and is passed on unconsciously in this way.

The good news:

These informations can be
energetically directed to
into the past.

It is my pleasure,
to pass my knowledge on to You,
so that You are able to support other people in the process of
emptying their drawers.

Your hands are the extension
of your heart.

When we work with the tools of BodyResonanceTherapy, the healing goes where it is needed most, and we can do no harm.

It can only get better..

This method works very quickly and very profoundly, because it goes directly to the root of the problem.

People from different backgrounds come to our trainings - physiotherapists, doctors, medical practitioners, energy healers, artists, parents ...

What they like about BodyResonanceTherapy is that they can "apply" it first and then go on with their technique and actually improves it significantly.

By being aware of the healing essence and then performing their specific technique, it becomes far more effective.

There are also a high number of people who feel burnt out in their jobs. ausgebrannt fühlen.

Although they love working with people so much, they often feel on the verge of burnout, some are already beyond it. They feel drained, as if their patients have drained them of energy. This is not necessary. Together we learn in these seminars to reconnect with the greatest source of strength that never ends.

Education Details



You will find
a first impression
about the content
of the training
in the next section.
See Curriculum.



Currently there are no dates fixed.
Feel free to join the waiting list
and we will inform You
about upcoming dates.



The training starts
with the Intuition Masterclass
and the following modules
of the Intuition Academy.
Afterwards you can begin the training in BodyResonanceTherapy.


In this training You will learn about:

  • The laws of energetic work
  • An understanding of epigenetic pathways of symptoms and how to resolve them
  • Quantum physics and how we can use it to support clients
  • The Law of Resonance and how we can use it
  • Trauma healing - nothing that has happened can be undone and yet peace can return
  • Body self-protection and its modes of action
  • Working with high frequencies
  • Various techniques to raise Your own energy, calming, grounding, opening...  for self application. This will create a work-flow so that You will no longer feel burnt out. These techniques can also be used to pass on to Your clients.
  • Body Readings
  • High and low frequencies and their effects
  • Releasing emotional shocks and blockages
  • Releasing and replacing beliefs that no longer serve You
  • Clearing out energies that burden the body, e.g. chemo-therapy support
  • Attitude and ethics in the context of BodyResonanceTherapy
  • Various test procedures for self-application and for passing on to Your clients
  • Confidence and trust in Your abilities

In addition, I will support You in all modules through treatments to release Your still limiting "blocks".

Even after the training, regular practitioner days and Q&A sessions will be available to You, to give You the best possible support. 

I am very much looking forward to you wanting and being able to do this work soon.

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Testimonials from participants
of the education

There is a state – your inner self, your essence,

the part of you that is limitless

– that is joyful, blissful. It is beyond the reach of our daily chaos and inner chatter.

When we begin to experience our essence, our life comes into order.

It is fulfilled and expressed in a very orderly way so that every aspect of our lives, internally and externally, is changed for the better. To be in this essence state and to set an intention from here is extremely powerful.

When we act from our essence, our deepest intention finds its completion.

This refers to a wide variety of areas of life: Health, serenity, joy, togetherness, ability to love …


Learn to release

Hear your inner voice whispering ...

Feel her...
Dim the noise in your head.
Your intuition guides you and gives the space for what is essential ...
It's just about reminding you
and re-activate ...
what you already are.

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See the highest potential
in every human being,
the pure essence of the soul.

More about
Therapy …

Illnesses can manifest themselves in many different ways: e.g. physical symptoms, psychological problems, states of exhaustion, depressive episodes, anxiety, stress or feelings of being overwhelmed, just to name a few…

Energy pathways within your system can be weakened and thus prevent your self-healing powers from developing their full effectiveness, because the energy in your body is out of flow.

The reason for this may be issues from the past that are still energetically affecting your system.

These issues or events can be from your current life or from past times.

In the field of epigenetics, research has been able to provide amazing evidence in this regard.

golden hands

By healing ourselves we are no longer
passing on the pain
to the following generations.

The pain travels through the family lines
until someone is ready
to heal it within themselves.
By healing ourselves
we are no longer passing on the pain.
to the following generations.

This is an incredibly important and sacred work.

give indications ...

  When does
  BodyResonance   therapy help?

  • with physical pain or problems
  • emotional challenges 
  • states of exhaustion and burn-out
  • depressive phases
  • states of anxiety
  • stress
  • feelings of being overwhelmed
  • sleeping disorders
  • Chemotherapy support
  • Radiation Therapy Detoxification
  • other detoxification from medications, toxins, etc.

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What imbalance
does your body
want to point out to you
through your illness?

Certified Education

After the
training ...

       You can support people ...

  • activate their self-healing energies
  • increases your resilience
  • Be balanced on the inside and on the outside
  • to achieve physical and mental health
  • increase Your vitality and joie de vivre

I’m so glad that You will join us.

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Supervision group meetings At regular intervals for Your support.

Please have a look at the dates section.
When You’re a graduate, You will be informed by e-mail about upcoming events

Leave a sparkle...
wherever You go.

Start with ...



All other courses of the education build on one another.
Daher startet die Reise in den Modulen der Intuition-Academy und geht danach weiter in die Ausbildung in KörperResonanzTherapie.

Sign up for the waiting list

Currently there are no dates set for the training in BodyResonanceTherapy.
Feel free to join the waiting list and we will contact You as soon as we've got free spots again.

Ich freue mich,
Dich kennen zu lernen.

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