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I'm here ...

  • to reconnect people with their heart-frequency
    and their core values
    in order to help strengthen these.
  • to support my clients in coming to peace
    so that they can 
    find themselves filled with power and love which allows them to bring their light into the world.

... and I am ...

  • a visionary,
  • a loving woman and mother &
  • music and dance lover
  • Lover of travel, collecting experiences, connecting with people and continuously broadening my horizon.

My path ...
like yours ...

What I have learned on my journey, is, that letting go and trusting is more than useful and that our intuition is a divine compass given to each one of us to navigate our lives and correct course.

My motivation ...

I help people who are on a quest to develop a strong relationship with their intuition to make powerful choices in their lives.
Empowerment, holistic human healing and "science meets spirituality" are topics that are important to me, so I definitely love neuroscience and quantum physics.

However, life also held its challenges.
In 1998, I had an accident resulting in a brain hemorrhage.
This violent event initiated a significant change of direction in my life.
In 1999 I graduated from the ReConnective Therapy training with Herwig Schön and have been treating patients in my own practice ever since.

Many years later - another accident, this time on my motorcycle and it became more than clear to me that from now on I would no longer ignore this quiet inner voice.
The voice that whispered to me:" You are not brave enough to pursue the purpose of your soul."
So there was a reset button, I hit it and a lot of time during my convalescence to think about the reason why I started here on earth and the meaning of my future life.

Challenge accepted !

It took me some time to find the courage to say YES to everything and finally I followed the call.

Fascinating, every time I followed the advice of my intuition, it took me to people and places that made my heart start jumping so joyfully.
Synchronicities started popping up everywhere and life has been a fascination for me ever since.

Nowadays, I do not make any important decision without first consulting my inner voice and listening to the resounding yes that accompanies the natural flow of energy.


I support people with high frequency, and help them
to release imbalanced energies,
in order to regain
their true inner power.

Curriculum ...

  • Diploma studies at the DSHS Cologne
  • Dance and choreography studies with Graziela Padilla
  • Soloist in various ensembles and dance companies
  • Munich rhythm theory with Adrian Wellmann
  • Certified ReConnective Therapist according to Herwig Schön
  • Certified EMDR Coach
  • BodyResonanceTherapy, founder and lecturer
  • Intuition-Academy, founder and lecturer
  • Founder of BodyResonance
  • ... and mother of two wonderful children

I am so glad
to meet You.

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