Stress Relief

What if it was very simple... ?

Would You like to learn a technique
that will help You
remove excessive stress
which is related to a troublesome issue?

Are You ready
to free Yourself
from Your fears ?

In this seminar You will learn

  •  how to reduce stress patterns with an easy learnable techniques
  •  how to break through your old permanent loops
    in order to establish something new
  •  that You can experience a completely different reality

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Details about Stress Release



Online via Zoom,
so You can easily join
from wherever You are.



Currently there are no dates fixed.
Feel free to join the waiting list
and we will inform You
about upcoming dates.


half-day seminar
+ 2 live Q & A
every 14 days

Joy of life.

With the help of...

  • simple instructions,
  • very easy to implement,

                ... and ...

  • really easy to remember...

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Stress RealEase basiert auf den bestens erforschten Erkenntnissen von EMDR* (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), einem anerkannt traumatherapeutischen Verfahren.
Hieraus habe ich eine kraftvolle Technik entwickelt, die jede*r für sich selbst, also ohne Therapeuten anwenden kann, um Stress im Körper zu reduzieren.

Akut traumatisierte Menschen begeben sich bitte dringend in therapeutische Behandlung.

* With the help of the EMDR technique, information such as images, feelings, thoughts, memories are reprocessed, which have previously been "knotted" or "frozen" in an unprocessed way in the body and psyche of the clients. As a result, clients are freed from stressful images, feelings, thoughts and memories and often experience a sense of freedom and letting go.


The Seminar

  • The workshop is at the beginning of the process
  • The total duration is 4 weeks
  • 2 live Q & A's in between 
  • plus – support for You during the whole time through contact within the closed Facebook group 

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You decide ...

Pay in Full

One time payment

197 €

Payment Plan

Payment plan in monthly installments 

3 x 77 €

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Currently there is no date set for Stress Release.
Feel free to join the waiting list and we will contact You as soon as we've got free spots again.

I am so glad
to meet You.

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