Intuition Academy

Re-learn to trust Your intuition ...

Intuition is innate in every human being and just waits
to be
re-awakened by You.

Hear Your inner voice whisper, feel it ...
Dim the noise in Your head
Your intuition guides You and gives the space for what is essential ...
Your heart already knows
the answer ...

Far too often we are relying on our mind.
Our intellect, which wants to think everything through.
The mind that serves us so well in many things, yet in some places is just completely overwhelmed.

When we connect more and more with our intuition, we have less worries in everyday life
and in upcoming important decisions.
Whatever decision area they affect - children, career choice, partnership...
We know what the next powerful step is for us, what to do now.

Learn to perceive her. 
Learn to feel her again.

Learn to trust her.

When we train our perception and intuition, we follow the inner guidance.

inner guidance

You will learn to...

  • expand Your faith in the intangible world and deepen Your relationship with Your higher self
  • distinguish between Your intuition, thoughts and feelings 
  • let go of fears, external and self-imposed limitations through the divine guidance of Your intuition
  • see the bigger picture, sense a person's true intentions and realize their true potential
  • find guidance beyond of what the physical world can provide

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Intuition is the expression of the soul, the divine or higher self.
It is the communication channel through which your soul is speaking to you.
Im allgemeinen Sprachgebrauch ist sie bekannt als “Innere Stimme”.
She is of high frequency and, although she is by far
more complex than the ratio, she is a lot faster.

Intuition - this inner voice,
which each one of us knows ...
What if ... You could connect more with it?
What if ... You could learn to query it?
What about ... using it as a source of Your inner wisdom?

Intuition -
we all have it.
She is always there,
and everlasting.

You are
in the right place,
if You ...

  • want to know how and when to listen to Your intuition
  • feel that You already have a relationship with Your intuition, but often cannot distinguish it from fears and thoughts
  • want to refine Your intuitive skills
  • hear Your inner calling and You know that You have a greater purpose in life

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Your intuition
is just as natural,
as Your sense of smell or taste.

About the Seminars



4 hours

More details
on Intuition Masterclass
will be released soon.



2 day seminar

More details
on Intuition Essential
will be released soon.



3 day seminar

More details
on Intuition Advanced
will be released soon.

Participation in all of these courses is mandatory,
if you are interested in taking the
BodyResonanceTherapy Training.

You always have the opportunity to feel, perceive and trust
your intuition,
your inner knowing.
Are You ready to embark on a journey towards Your Self?
... ready to rediscover your skills?

It feels so good to rediscover these skills,

to train them, to expand them and to be able to rely on them.
Not always being dependent on others ...

What You can learn and, above all, practice
is the understanding of the context and the perception of Your intuition.
How does she express herself to me?
How can I learn to perceive my intuition again
and to trust in her ... in myself?
This requires training.
Ebenso ist es eine wundervolle Gelegenheit, die “menschliche” Ebene
with the soul level.

What I love about intuition is that it is available to everyone at all times.
It just needs to be sorted out from the rest of all the thoughts that are constantly going on in Your mind.

Remember. Trust.

Practice Intuition

As we train our perception and intuition,
we follow the inner guidance.
The training of our ability to perceive
and then automatically growing trust in our own intuition
allows us to live our lives with more power and ease.
This trust can enter into our everyday life.
Our self-perception, our relationships, children, profession...
will be enriched.

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"Told You so ..."

Your Intuition


Learn to

For the majority of people, it is difficult to distinguish their intuition from their feelings, thoughts or even fears.

That is a fundamental component of the seminars. 
Because this differentiation is essential.

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Intuition Masterclass

35 €

Intuition Essential

222 €


333 €

* Die Folge-Kurse “Basics” und “Advanced” sind erst im Anschluss an die  Masterclass buchbar.

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I am so glad
to meet You.

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