Cacao & Healing

Time for Yourself ...
For a connection to Your heart
and Your Healing.

Your Ceremony ...
Your Healing ...
Your Ritual ...

When was the last time
that You consciously
took time
for Yourself and
Your healing?

Do You have a
deep desire?

A request ... ?
A certain need ... ?
Do You want to devote more attention to something in Your life
or even heal it?

Here we will take the time and create room for that.


  • ... we will drink Ritual Cacao
  • ... we go into silence
  • ... we explore our inner worlds through a guided meditation
  • ... we take our individual request to heart...

A remote treatment and the guided meditation gently support You
through this.

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Details about Cacao & Healing


Location & Dates

  • Online via Zoom or 
  • On-site at changing locations.
Currently there are no dates fixed.
Feel free to join the waiting list
and we will inform You
about upcoming dates.

What you'll need
to prepare ...

  • Your favorite mug
  • comfy clothing
  • Water bottle, please drink a lot
  • everything You need for Yourself
    in order to feel comfortable
  • a meditation-cushion,
    if you happen to have one
  • and maybe a blanket

Duration & Costs


90 minutes

55  €


Cacao ...

If You haven't heard of the ritual cacao plant before, You will be surprised.
She does not cloud Your consciousness, but supports You,
to feel even a little more subtle.
Ritual Cacao is a gentle and deeply effective healing plant, which, in addition to physical effects
can also provide spiritual insights.

She strengthens on a physical level. She gives energy on a mental, energetic and spiritual level.
Her energy accompanies You to be more in touch with Your heart... and to open it gently.
She gently holds You.
Protects your body...Your needs...Your heart...
...connects You with Yourself and opens Your heart in compassion for others....

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Cacao ist mit mehr als 1200 Bestandteilen eine wichtige Quelle für Antioxidantien, Magnesium, Eisen, Zink, Vitamin C.

Cacao & Healing online
– There's good news!

This Healing-Cacao-Ceremony will take place entirely online via Zoom web platform.

After registration, You will receive a link by mail to a page where You will receive detailed information on

  • ... where to install the program 
  • ... how to use Zoom
  • ... what You can prepare.

For joining the healing-ceremony You will then just need to click on the link and we are already together.


There are hardly any foods that contain as many nutrients as Cacao.

With more than 1200 components, Cacao is an important source of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin C.

Cacao increases the production of dopamine, endorphines and serotonin in the body, thus naturally supporting our well-being.

Book Your Cacao & Healing

Cacao & Healing


Where can I get Cacao?

Here you can order
our wonderful, organic
Fairtrade Ritual Cacao.

Sign up for the waiting list

Currently there are no fixed dates for the Cacao & Healing-Ceremony.
Feel free to join the waiting list and we will contact You as soon as we've got free spots again.

Do You have any questions ?

Feel free to send me a message and I'll get back to You.

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