Sometimes, when inner issues and outer events are intense, it is helpful for me to feel them fully.

If I do not want to feel something that is obviously there and push it away, the great power that lies hidden underneath is lost. 

But if I can give myself the space to go in calmly and feel the full extent - and that can be very uncomfortable at times - then a transformation happens. In this way, a great power can be generated from a sadness or even anger, which is so helpful in addressing and transforming exactly the triggering issues.

There is not always the opportunity for this at every moment, because the circumstances at work or in the family structures demand something else.

But if I take the time later on and feel again what has affected me so much, I come to myself, to my values, to what is important to me and I have the chance to use this strong energy to really get into action and to change something for me and all of us.

That chance is gone when I distract myself ...

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