We only need 3 % ...

What kind of win is it if others lose as a result?

What if we supported each other?

What if we stopped competing and just be with each other?

What if we constantly became more and more?

Futurologists have found that it only takes 3% to initiate a new trend.

3 % people who make a start.

3 % who act instead of hoping that something will change.

3% who practice compassion and togetherness and bring it to all of us.

This number of 3% does something to me. It sounds achievable.

It seemed like a huge mountain before, and the possibility of making a difference seemed almost impossible.

The thought of the 3% helps me to focus.

During conversations, whenever it is somehow appropriate, I mention the 3% and that we do have the opportunity to make a difference.

If we stop just hoping, but doing something.

Let's achieve together the 3% !!!

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