What if we all just loved each other?

If love is the answer
and we all know that deep down....
Why don't we do it ...?
How painful it is to see people being hurt or even intentionally brought to death.
It is so important to look at what the absence of love is capable of.

But what is our reaction, our response to this?
Rejection, condemnation, hatred !!!

The absence of love ...

What if we didn't react to the supposed dividing differences, but rather to what unites us...?
What unites all people...

The desire to be accepted and loved,
just as we are.

What if we, who are not in great need right now,
could treat people who have become "perpetrators"
with love...?

What a challenge !

For millennia, we have not reacted differently ... But where did it lead us?

Fear, anger, separation and hatred
are the varieties of the absence of love ...

Let's change the world together...
Let's return to what we are deep in our hearts....

loving !!!


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