How much energy are you losing ...

What does surrender mean?

Does it mean to accept everything "numbly"?

Does it mean to have no feelings, no needs?

To me it means,

experiencing fully what I can't change, with all roller coaster of feelings that may be part of it.

Not to talk away anything. Not to make something look nice.

Letting all emotions appear. Allowing it to just be here now ...

Saying yes to life

with everything it has to offer (and that really is not just beautiful all the time).

And then... also letting it go.

To hold onto something links so much energy to the past.

Energy that is not available in the present moment.

Not because there is no energy, but because my presence is not in the present, is not in this now moment.

But the only moment I have any influence on is

NOW and NOW and NOW !!!

Enjoy your day.

It starts NOW.

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