What if I look today, right now, carefully and "just" stay in the moment ...?

Life, a sequence of constant action and reaction, which are inevitable?

Most of the time, it seems


as if there is definitely no other way


but to react in exactly the same way,


and only in this way!


But... Is it really true?


Or do I possibly have a choice?


There is a whole litany of good reasons and justifications why I can't react other than to be disappointed, hurt, or angry...


Because back then my parents ...


Because last time with person XY ...


Because yesterday ...


All kinds of justifications that I have my right to react in exactly the same way.


After all, I've had these experiences, and in order to protect myself, I have to ...


Of course I can do it that way, but am I (and my counterpart) really okay with it?


Then go ahead ...


If not ...


I can ask myself the question:


How much of this is adequate, because person Z is not person XY


and today is not yesterday...


And certainly not umpteen years ago in my childhood ...


What if I look today, right now, carefully and "just" stay in the moment ...?


Without old stories ...


without armor ...


without supposed protective armor ...


without prejudice ...?


Yes, but ...


Immediately lots of good reasons come up to rather use the well-tried reaction pattern again.


But am I really protected by this?


Really safe?


Not to mention at peace?


Isn't it true that I am the self-chosen plaything of my past?


What if I would surprise my counterpart and myself


with something completely new?


Something completely different from what has made me unhappy, sad, or angry in the past?


What if I would choose to be different today?


An experiment that I can risk.


A challenge from myself to myself.


The goal...? To learn to finally find inner peace again...


Could be worth it.


The experiment lasts as long as it lasts.


I can start it and stop it at any time.


I decide...


How I am doing


How I am acting


How I am feeling...


I'm in!


How about You ?


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